CS285: Deep RL Notes

For UC Berkeley CS285: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Decision Making, and Control, taught by Professor Sergey Levine.

Official Course Website: http://rail.eecs.berkeley.edu/deeprlcourse

These are my personal notes and wordy explanations on the core topics covered in this course, it’s meant to be a reference and sanity check for myself and for others learning deep RL. I typically write extensively about the most important parts of each lecture, so the notes are not (yet) comprehensive. I highly recommend watching the recorded lectures if you are self-studying for this class, professor Levine is a fantastic lecturer and many student questions that got recorded were also really interesting.

All screenshots/images in these notes credit to CS285 lecture slides. I'll try to keep updating new topics whenever possible, please reach out to me to mandi.zhao@berkeley.edu if you’d like to contribute to writing or beautifying these notes!

Happy Reinforcement Learning! :)

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